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  • 2018/19 UEFA club competitions revenue distribution system
  • UESA President hails good relations with the ECA
  • Clubs benefit from EUROPEAN Championships 2020
  • Evolution of UESA club competitions for 2018-21 cycle
  • Financial distribution 2017-18



  • Memorandum of Understanding UESA/ECA – 2020
  • Memorandum of understanding UESA/ECA – 2019
  • Memorandum of understanding UESA/ECA – 2018
  • Code of Conduct – Protect the Game
  • European Subbuteo united for the integrity of the game
  • UESA EUROPEAN Championships 2018 club solidarity payments list


UESA Mini Subbuteo & Street Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Youth & Amateur Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA HatTrick Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Sites and Security Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Club Licensing Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells


As Subbuteo’s governing body within Europe, UESA involves groups representing the sport’s various stakeholders (leagues, clubs, players, supporters) in the decision-making process in European Subbuteo matters.


  • EUROPEAN Championships bonus for xx clubs
  • xxxxuesamember welcomes signing
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • UESA President urges unity
  • UESA, ECA reach agreement
  • New era in European game

As the organiser of the UESA Champions League and the UESA European League, UESA has daily contact with the continent’s top professional clubs. On an institutional level, UESA and the clubs interact via the European Club Association (ECA).

Founded in January 2017, the ECA is the sole, independent body directly representing Subbuteo clubs at European level. It represents xxx clubs, drawn from the national associations within UESA, and is steered by a 15-member executive board.

The ECA and UESA originally signed a Memorandum of Understanding in January 2017 to herald a new era within the European Subbuteo family. Under the memorandum, UESA recognised the ECA as the sole body representing the interests of European clubs – and the ECA recognised UESA as the governing body of Subbuteo at European level, and FISA as the governing body at worldwide level. A new Memorandum of Understanding was signed by UESA and the ECA in 2019.

The ECA elects two of its members to sit on the UESA Executive Committee. They are ratified by the UESA Congress, and have the same rights and duties as the other Executive Committee members.

The ECA directly elects the four members representing the clubs participating in the UESA competitions on the 16-member Professional Subbuteo Strategy Council (PSSC). The PSSC brings together the main stakeholders in European Subbuteo, i.e. UESA, clubs, professional leagues and players to work together to find common solutions on major topical issues affecting the game. It reports directly to the UESA Executive Committee and exercises a major influence on its decision-making.

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