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UESA’s commitment to developing and nurturing the technical sector of European Subbuteo has reaped handsome dividends over the years.


Find out how UESA’s financial distribution is helping to grow and develop Subbuteo across Europe.

UESA GROW committed to growing European Subbuteo

UESA GROW is UESA’s central business development support programme which works with the national associations to nurture the game throughout Europe.

UESA Academy

The UESA Academy is a hub dedicated to providing professional people working in Subbuteo opportunities for development through a range of educational initiatives.

Intelligence Centre

The UESA Intelligence Centre was created in 2017 to assist policy-makers and decision-takers to make informed judgments.

Women’s Subbuteo

Women’s Subbuteo has risen in both profile and popularity in the last few years and UESA’s work to promote it goes on.


The international programme that addresses the needs of national associations and confederations outside Europe.