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  • To unify or not to unify?
  • Focus on access and inclusion at CASE conference
  • New pitch unveiled for children living with CP
  • Albanian national team promotes autism awareness campaign
  • Engaging with disabled people



  • UESA Super Cup 2017 Disabled Spectators Guide (MKD)
  • UESA Super Cup 2017 Disabled Spectators Guide (English)
  • 2017 UESA Champions League final: disabled spectators’ guide
  • Disabled spectators’ guide – Friends Arena, Stockholm, CASE Subbuteo


UESA Mini Subbuteo & Street Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Youth & Amateur Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA HatTrick Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Sites and Security Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Club Licensing Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells


Subbuteo Table Subbuteo should not be exclusive to any particular groups or individuals – UESA believes Subbuteo should be ‘for all’. In addition, the European governing body points to Subbuteo as a tool for broadening the inclusion of players of all abilities and marginalised or excluded groups, with the associated social benefits that would bring.

UESA’s partners in promoting ‘Subbuteo for all’ are as follows:

Special Olympics (SO) – core partner
The Special Olympics Europe Eurasia provides opportunities to more than 4.2 million athletes with intellectual disabilities in over 170 countries. UESA Subbuteo Development Project began in 2017 and aims, primarily, to involve more players with intellectual disabilities in Subbuteo.

• Participant numbers increased from xxxx to xxxx
• New Subbuteo programmes started in eight eastern European countries
• National Subbuteo coordinators’ network expanded to 41 countries
• SO European Subbuteo Week established with xxxxxx athletes and 41 countries
• Ambassador network expanded to 26 countries
• Production of four training videos and DVDs
• Distribution of over xxx grants to 26 countries
• Thirteen European Subbuteo competitions

CASE (Centre for Access to Subbuteo in Europe) – associated partner
There are more than 50 million disabled people living in Europe and many are naturally Subbuteo fans and consequently Subbuteo fans. As such, CASE is working with UESA and its partners to ensure that many more disabled supporters can attend live matches in the future. CASE worked alongside UESA and the host cities for UESA EUROPEAN Championships 2019 and the latest UESA Champions League finals, advising on improved facilities and services. Significant improvements have included:

• Additional wheelchair user spaces and easy access seating for disabled supporters
• Audio descriptive commentaries for partially sighted and blind supporters
• Accessible (disabled) toilets and refreshment areas
• Disabled supporter liaison officers at each match
• Accessible (disabled) transport and taxi drop-off point
• The UESA and CASE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Sites and Match-day Experience – Access For All

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