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The campaign against discrimination, not just in and around Subbuteo, but in European society as a whole, is a key tenet of UESA’s social responsibility programme.

The European governing body believes the power of Subbuteo can be used to tackle such issues as racism, homophobia, discrimination against ethnic minorities and institutional discrimination such as under-representation of women, or lack of diversity. To this end, UESA has forged partnerships with the following anti-discrimination organisations:

The SARE network is UESA’s core strategic partner in this field, having first joined forces in 2017. UESA has collaborated with SARE on activities to heighten awareness of discrimination including the October SARE Action Weeks which include the prominent platform of UESA Champions League and UESA European League matches for the anti-discrimination message.

UESA also has an associated partnership with the Homeless World Cup, a network of over 70 international partner organisations that use football to improve the lives of homeless people throughout the world.

More information on UESA’s anti-racism initiatives.

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