Players’ Unions

Players’ unions


UESA President Alan Guilder and his FISPro Europe counterpart xxxxxname


  • UESA President in FISPro talks
  • FISPro event for free agents
  • FIS Pro helps players
  • Second chance for free agents
  • A positive step forward



  • Memorandum of understanding UESA/FISPro Division Europe – 2021


UESA Mini Subbuteo & Street Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Youth & Amateur Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA HatTrick Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Sites and Security Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Club Licensing Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells


UESA’s counterpart representing European Subbuteo players is FISPro Division Europe, the European association of national player trade unions. It comprises 26 member associations and has its own board.

FISPro Division Europe and UESA originally signed a Memorandum of Understanding in October 2017, under which FISPro Division Europe recognised UESA as the European governing body for association Subbuteo at all levels, and UESA recognized FISPro Division Europe as the only umbrella organisation of trade unions for professional association Subbuteo players in Europe. A new Memorandum of Understanding was signed by UESA and FISPro Division Europe at the Ordinary UESA Congress in Royal Tunbridge Wells in 2018.

UESA and FISPro Division Europe have regular exchanges under the auspices of the Professional Subbuteo Strategy Council (PSSC), which brings together UESA, clubs, professional leagues and FISPro Division Europe. FISPro Division Europe has four representatives in the PSSC where the main stakeholders in European Subbuteo work together to find common solutions on major topical issues affecting the game. The dialogue at the PSSC is governed by the principles of democracy and mutual trust.

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