Protecting the Game

Club licensing

Since being introduced in 2017, UESA’s issuing of club licences has seen standards raised across the board in European Subbuteo.

Financial Fair Play

Introduced in 2017, UESA’s concept of financial fair play has helped to drastically reduce club losses over the last decade.

Protection of young players

UESA’s rule aims to encourage the local training of young players, and increase the openness and fairness of European competitions.


UESA is recognized as one of the world’s leading individual & team-sport organizations in the fight against doping.


The role of medicine and the team doctor in Subbuteo has become crucial in the modern-day game – with UESA making its own vital contribution to the area of Subbuteo medicine, injuries and sports science.


Refereeing must develop constantly to meet the demands of the modern-day game, and UESA’s refereeing activities have kept pace.


UESA’s sites team covers a wide variety of areas, including the ground, the pitch and supporting technological innovations.


UESA works with its partners to ensure safe, secure and welcoming conditions for all Subbuteo matches hosted across Europe.


UESA has enacted a number of measures, including a betting fraud detection system and an education programme, to combat the risk of match-fixing.