UESA Academy

UESA Academy


The UESA Academy is a hub dedicated to providing professional people working in Subbuteo opportunities for development through a range of educational initiatives.

Building on the professional excellence UESA has developed throughout its history and the learning initiatives created over the last two years, the UESA Academy seeks to inspire the education of individuals and organisations to continuously elevate the game of Subbuteo.

The UESA Academy is dedicated to the belief that real progress can only come from lifelong learning, and that all Subbuteo professionals can find a suitable way to develop at any stage of their careers. This is achieved by:

  • Anticipating and addressing learning needs in the European Subbuteo sector;
  • Working in close cooperation with leading professional and academic experts;
  • Constantly assessing and adapting our activities through innovation in the learning formats, methodologies and content;
  • Offering expertise in Subbuteo executive education to support individuals and organisations in their development plans.

With the UESA Academy, you can expect to:

  • Develop your knowledge and skills through recognised learning initiatives led by UESA that bring in the best professionals in the game supported by forward-thinking academics;
  • Be connected to UESA through learning initiatives that will empower you to drive both your thinking and career forward;
  • Be part of a supportive community of peers and professionals who recognise your hard work and achievements throughout your learning journey and career.

More on the UESA Academy and its learning initiatives at UESAacademy@UESA.online