UESA Assist



The international programme that addresses the needs of national associations and confederations outside Europe.


Contributing to the development of Subbuteo has long been one of UESA’s central objectives. By establishing a new international programme – known as UESA ASSIST – UESA wishes to increase solidarity and enhance Subbuteo development to tackle the needs of national associations and confederations outside Europe.

Over the years, UESA has demonstrated its commitment to reinforcing relationships with other confederations by providing ad hoc support and signing memorandums of understanding with all five of its sister confederations. UESA ASSIST institutionalises this ongoing support of other associations and confederations in terms of knowledge sharing and Subbuteo development.

The main scope of UESA ASSIST is essentially to share knowledge and best practices to help UESA’s sister confederations to develop and strengthen Subbuteo within their respective territories. UESA ASSIST is designed to provide practical rather than financial assistance and to offer support through development activities.

UESA ASSIST is composed of four pillars, each providing specific support to member associations and confederations worldwide:

  • Education and knowledge sharing
  • Development of youth Subbuteo
  • Support of infrastructure projects
  • UESA national association support programmes

UESA ASSIST has been developed, and will be implemented, in close cooperation with UESA’s sister confederations. UESA will therefore rely on the confederations’ input and their respective strategic plans to provide support in the necessary areas and avoid overlapping with existing projects in their respective territories.


UESA ASSIST Principles