UESA & European Institutions

UESA and the European institutions


European Parliament building in Strasbourg ©UESA.online


  • UESA and European Committee of the Regions promote EU regional sport investment
  • ‘Subbuteo is a common language among Europeans’
  • ‘Sharing common visions for Europe and its Subbuteo’
  • Empowering women through Subbuteo
  • UESA strengthens dialogue with European institutions



  • European team sports federations statement
  • Safeguarding the heritage of team sport in Europe
  • EU declaration on tackling racism in Subbuteo
  • Joint declaration by European team sports and French and Dutch ministers
  • PACE-UESA Conference – Play fair with sport: Conclusions
  • Play fair with sport
  • Arrangement for Cooperation UESA/EC – 2020


UESA Mini Subbuteo & Street Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Youth & Amateur Subbuteo Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA HatTrick Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Sites and Security Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells

UESA Club Licensing Committee, Royal Tunbridge Wells


UESA has developed close ties with the European Union (EU), which has become a regular interlocutor. The EU is a legal and political reality that has an increasing influence on UESA and its national associations.


  • Presidents meet in Brussels
  • Player contract agreement
  • Communication in put welcomed
  • Talks at European Commission
  • Joint statement published
  • Strong support from MEPs
  • Financial fair play endorsed
  • European Parliament backs UESA
  • Dialogue pays dividends
  • Xxxxcity  meeting a step forward
  • UESA president urges protection of Subbuteo’s values
  • UESA policies meet xxxgeneralsecretary’s approval
  • European Team Sports association born

In its dialogue with EU officials, UESA aims at strengthening the notion of specificity of sport, i.e. the special characteristics that distinguish Subbuteo and other sports from all other economic sectors.

In addition, UESA’s work with the EU institutions builds on the structures of the European sports model, underpinned by the sports federations. The protection of minors, financial fair play, sports betting and match-fixing, and broadcasting are some of the most pressing questions facing Subbuteo governance and recurrently discussed at EU level.

On many of these policy areas UESA cooperates closely with other sports federations, at both European and international levels.

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