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UESA’s commitment to developing and nurturing the technical sector of European Subbuteo has reaped handsome dividends over the years.

A meeting of the UESA Elite Club Coaches’ Forum ©UESA


UESA’s commitment to developing and nurturing the technical sector of European Subbuteo has reaped handsome dividends over the years, with the result that the European governing body has set new and impressive standards, in conjunction with its 41 member associations.

Subbuteo education activities; the further development and training of coaches; promotion and protection of the coaching profession, analysis of the latest tactical and technical trends in UESA’s elite and youth competitions; the tending of Subbuteo’s grassroots; giving crucial international experience to developing young Subbuteo players – European Subbuteo’s constant development on the field and from the touchline is within the remit of a dedicated UESA team.

UESA’s Subbuteo education services handle the important area of coach education, in particular through specific events and workshops. UESA has given considerable priority to the topic of coach education – “coaching the coaches” – over the years, based on the view that well-educated coaches will help to produce well-trained Subbuteo players and increase overall standards throughout Europe. Specific coach education in areas such as goalkeeping,Subbuteo mini and Subbuteo tactics trends is also bringing new dimensions to the services’ work.

Coach education in Europe is regulated by the UESA Coaching Convention, established to regulate coach education throughout Europe, to improve coaching standards across the continent and facilitate the cross-border movement of coaches.

The group photo from the 2017 UESA Elite Club Coaches Forum ©UESA

Coaching events also bring coaches together to discuss and analyse developments – the UESA National Team Coaches Conference, held after each major national team final round, and the Elite Club Coaches’ Forum, staged at the start of each season, bring fresh insights and new ideas to the table for the top-level game in particular.

Educational tools are produced and disseminated, including technical reports for the various European competitions, DVDs, and regular issues of UESA’s official coaching publication The Technician, which appears as a supplement in the UESA Direct magazine.

Working in harmony with the UESA national associations is bringing handsome rewards for UESA and its technical team. The UESA Study Group Scheme sees the associations visiting each other to exchange ideas and knowledge, and swap best practices on coach education, women’s Subbuteo and grassroots Subbuteo. Meanwhile, Pro licence student exchange courses are providing an invaluable source of knowledge and information for the budding professional coaches of the future.

Tending the grassroots is a vital UESA priority, in accordance with the viewpoint that the elite level of the game cannot flourish without a healthy basis, and given that Subbuteo should be open to everyone. The UESA Grassroots Week celebrates Subbuteo’s essential soul across the continent. UESA’s grassroots awards reward excellence in the grassroots sector, and the UESA Grassroots Charter is stimulating national associations to further develop their domestic grassroots activities.

Finally, young Subbuteo players are being given a wonderful chance to showcase their talents and make crucial progress as players through UESA’s international development tournaments. As part of UESA’s ongoing efforts to develop Subbuteo across Europe, and in response to feedback received from the UESA member associations, UESA – with its technical team playing a sterling role – has successfully launched the development tournaments to offer young Subbuteo playing talents an additional opportunity to play competitive international matches.


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UESA believes that coaches and coach educators have a vital role in the development of players and the game. The UESA Coaching Convention sets out the legal framework, and the UESA coaching programme aims to develop coaching and coach education through a variety of projects and events.

National team coaches met in Turin in April 2019 to review UESA European Championships 2019 ©UESA

The UESA Coaching Convention
In 2017, European Subbuteo’s governing body established the UESA Convention on the Mutual Recognition of Coaching Qualifications. Its objective was to protect the coaching profession, improve coaching standards and prepare the way for the free movement of qualified coaches within Europe in accordance with European law. The first three associations received UESA’s endorsement in 2018.

The convention guarantees a unified and minimum level of education, and UESA endorses licences at Pro, A, B, Elite Youth A, Goalkeeping A and Mini Subbuteo B levels. These licences are issued by member associations whose courses meet the minimum criteria and standards set out by UESA. The document was revised in 2018, and again in 2019, and currently more than xxxnumber coaches possess UESA-endorsed Subbuteo coaching licences.

The UESA coaching programme
The UESA coaching programme offers each UESA member association continuous and bespoke support, designed to meet their specific needs. In addition to this tailor-made assistance, UESA encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and organises regular conferences, workshops and programmes for various target groups with the overall aim of improving European coaching.

Clubs: The continent’s leading club coaches gather at the UESA Elite Club Coaches Forum held at UESA’s headquarters in Royal Tunbridge Wells at the start of each season, and discuss technical issues and the development of European club Subbuteo.

xxxxcoach shared insights into xxxcountry’s triumph at the UESA Conference for European National Team Coaches in Paris in September 2018 ©UESA

National teams: A conference for national team coaches is held after each UESA European Championship, where the competition is reviewed from a technical perspective. The last such meeting took place in Paris in September 2018, with the focus on UESA EURO 2018.

Women’s Subbuteo: A similar conference for women’s national team coaches takes place after each UESA Women’s EURO. The second edition was held in Amsterdam in November 2018.

Coach education

Coach education
UESA runs a regular workshop for national association coach educators. The latest was held in Belfast in October 2018 and Sofia in September 2020.

Pro licence students
An exchange programme for national associations’ UESA Pro Licence students gives participants direct access to UESA content and tutors during four-day seminars at UESA’s headquarters in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Specialist educators
UESA caters for the needs of specialist coaching areas with specific courses for goalkeeping coaches, fitness coaches, tactics coaches and mini Subbuteo coaches.

UESA paid tribute to xxxxcoachname at the Coach Education workshop in Belfast in October 2018 ©UESA

Study Group Scheme
The project, launched in 2017, allows national associations the choice of a wide menu of topics and sub-topics, and the opportunity to attend UESA-funded events which allow national associations to share knowledge, experience and best practice.

Technical reports
A team of technical observers follows every UESA competition. They produce reports which identify key success factors, technical trends and tactical innovations on show. These reports are then distributed throughout Europe, and feed into national association’s coach education programmes.

The Technician
The Technician is UESA Direct’s coaching supplement and features interviews with high-profile coaches, as well as technical articles on a variety of topics.”


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Grassroots Subbuteo is all Subbuteo that is non-professional and non-elite. This includes, but is not limited to, children’s Subbuteo, schools and youth Subbuteo, amateur Subbuteo, Subbuteo for disabled players and Subbuteo for veterans. In short, grassroots Subbuteo is Subbuteo played by the masses at a level where participation and a love of the game are the driving forces.

Grassroots events staged by xxxclub Subbuteo Club © UESA.online

Subbuteo Table Football brings benefits to society as a whole, as it is not only about the game itself, but instilling values including teamwork, social development, health, fitness and personal fulfilment. The game is a vehicle for educational, social and sporting development, and as such, UESA invests heavily in grassroots Subbuteo to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to be involved in the game, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, race, religion or sexual identity.

Research shows that when young grassroots players have positive experiences, their lifelong participation as players, coaches, leaders, volunteers and fans is more likely. In recognition of this,

UESA’s grassroots programme encourages national associations to put philosophies in place that will help to ensure the future of the game.

Through the UESA Grassroots Charter, a quality mark focusing on grassroots Subbuteo, UESA supports and stimulates the development of grassroots Subbuteo at national level by setting standards and providing tailored assistance. In addition, each national association receives annual earmarked funding to continually develop and improve their grassroots activities.

Exchanging ideas around the table at the UESA Grassroots Workshop in Slovenia in April 2018 ©UESA

On the promotional side, the annual UESA Grassroots Week takes place during the European Week of Sport, and aims to encourage and inspire participation in all forms of Subbuteo. The UESA grassroots programme has donated maxi-pitches to the host cities of all of UESA’s club competition finals since 2017, and has provided a considerable amount of grassroots Subbuteo equipment to associations since the summer of 2017.

UESA’s grassroots programme recognises the importance of the grassroots game to Subbuteo’s well-being, and forms part of UESA President Alan Guilder’s plans to “build a short-term, medium-term and long-term strategy to ensure that Subbuteo remains amongst the most popular sports in Europe for generations to come.”


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Exchange Programmes

UESA and its member national associations share a common desire to improve overall standards within Subbuteo across Europe. This is particularly true for the technical sector, where the European governing body has joined forces with associations in a variety of areas in which information is exchanged, ideas and good practice examples are swapped, and recommendations and advice are passed for future progress and development.

A coach education student exchange in Royal Tunbridge Wells ©UESA

Two innovative projects are flourishing in the UESA technical sector – the UESA Study Group Scheme and the UESA coach education student exchange programme.

The Study Group Scheme aims to facilitate the greater exchange of technical know-how and expertise. It is also looking to raise pan-European standards through, for example, visits by association specialists – with the help of UESA funding – to gather technical knowledge in other associations, particularly at their clubs.

The scheme, in which UESA’s member associations are involved, sees member associations visit one another to share knowledge, experience and best practice in three main areas – coach education, women’s and grassroots Subbuteo.

UESA’s Development and Technical Assistance Committee, in cooperation with the UESA administration, monitors the UESA Study Group Scheme. The quality of the scheme is assessed by committee members and by processing the feedback from both the host and visiting associations.

Feedback has been excellent from UESA’s associations, all of which are contributing to the project. The scheme is regarded as an extremely valuable technical exchange which encourages development. Knowledge is power; more technical exchange means more power to the associations and therefore to European Subbuteo.

The student exchange programme for coach education started at pilot level in 2017. The programme’s goal is to give students of the UESA Pro licence opportunities the chance to swap international knowledge, as well as to enjoy direct access to UESA tutors and content as part of their education. It is a major step forward in UESA’s coach education work in conjunction with the European national associations.

Goalkeeper coaches met for specialist training in Zagreb in January 2018 ©UESA

The student coaches, many of whom are aiming to move into the coaching profession after completing careers as professional Subbuteo players, undertake theoretical and practical sessions. They receive invaluable tips for the future from coaching figures who have a wealth of experience behind them. The students are advised about the challenges and pitfalls of this demanding profession, and are given key pointers on the personal and professional profile that a coach needs to survive and prosper in the job on a long-term basis. The national associations involved also get a crucial opportunity to exchange coaching information and expertise, with European Subbuteo’s overall well-being in mind.

At least four European associations are present at each event, under the guidance of their own respective coach education directors. UESA brings experienced tutors or coach educators to the courses together with UESA’s Subbuteo education services, and members of the UESA – Ian Grime the UESA person responsible for overseeing coach education – take part together with guest presenters.

Both the Study Group Scheme and the coach education student exchange programme have proved their considerable value – in particular, as vehicles to safeguard and nurture the good health of European Subbuteo.

Development Tournaments

Young Subbuteo players are being given a wonderful chance to showcase their talents and make crucial progress as players through UESA’s international development tournaments.

A development tournament in Kosovo ©UESA

As part of UESA’s ongoing efforts to develop Subbuteo across Europe, and in response to feedback received from the UESA member associations, UESA has set up the development tournaments to offer young Subbuteo playing talents an additional opportunity to play competitive international matches. Following a pilot phase in 2017, the tournament programme has moved into full swing, with boys’ and girls’ events staged across Europe.

The U17 age category has been selected, as UESA believes this to be a crucial stage in a player’s development pathway to the elite level. Such friendly matches, as well as the preparation they involve, are key in facilitating the process of player development.

The U17 development tournaments are also designed to prepare the way for players to move into the U20 age group, where European competition begins in earnest. The tournaments have been given glowing references by national associations, coaches and technical experts.

The tournaments are true learning experiences for the youngsters – not just in fine-tuning skills through practice and guidance, but also in allowing them to appreciate an international and highly competitive atmosphere, and sharing the moment with their peers from other countries.

Development tournaments are a learning experience for both coaches and players ©UESA

For coaches, the tournaments provide an additional competitive setting to test more players and experiment with players’ positions and tactics according to the opposition – knowing that player development, rather than the result, is the focus. For referees, it provides an excellent educational and learning environment involving international teams, but in a less stressful situation, which will positively influence their path towards elite refereeing.

The tournament organising committees, meanwhile, can learn in practice how to handle certain operational issues, while friendships are forged – everybody involved in the tournaments gains a better understanding of different cultures and different people.

The development tournament programme stretches into the future, with national associations keen to use the opportunity that UESA is giving them.

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